Becoming a client

Your success is our business

Becoming a client

A bit like changing banks, many people put off the prospect of changing accountants but it’s actually not as painful or
difficult in reality. We offer free initial consultations (as many as it takes) where we get to know you and your business with
an open book approach as we won’t have ever acted for you before so won’t know the legacy issues.
After this we liaise with your previous accountant and request all the relevant information required to take over preparing
the accounts. This is a seamless process and we usually receive replies within 2 weeks. This ensures as smooth a transition as
possible for you the client.
After the initial meeting(s) we will offer a quote for our agreed services and a letter of engagement.

“I recently changed accountant and the whole process was extremely smooth and stress free. As a small business, KDA Doyle Kelly Accountants have been the perfect fit for all our accounting needs, including business advice and support, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Frank and the team at KDA Doyle Kelly Accountants”

Olivia Hall, CHC Environmental Solutions Ltd, Ferns, Co. Wexford

Start ups
We welcome all start ups and have engaged with multiple
start-ups over the years in Gorey surrounding areas. Getting the format of your business right from day 1 can literally save you ‘000s each year and is as
important a step as any of the decisions you will make. At KDA we assess your business as if it were a sole trader and a company while factoring in living needs and current expenditure and try make the format meet the lifestyle costs while also maximising the tax efficiencies you can achieve. From our years of
experience, we know that every single business is different with the owner having a unique set of circumstances so this initial work is key to providing the information needed to make the correct decision. We also help with individuals availing of the back to enterprise grant and various other start up grants in
providing business plans and initial cash flows.

Our Fees
We generally work on a fixed annual fee based on the amount
and level of service each user requires. There are no hidden fees
and any additional costs are discussed prior to doing the work.
We have a range of packages, all of which can be tailored to your
specific needs whether you’re a sole trader, partnership or
limited. Our pay monthly & DD payment plans suit all clients. We are not the cheapest in the market or the most
expensive but with KDA you will get a prompt, professional,
efficient & reliable service. See our testimonials from a range of
businesses across a range of sectors

“We have always found the team to be extremely efficient and professional.
They are very knowledgeable and the staff are highly educated in the accounting and financial fields.
I always receive a prompt reply to any query”

Niamh Graham, Marcus P. Graham Ironworks Ltd, Arklow